Altavia Baltics contributes to carbon neutrality

Altavia Baltics contributes to carbon neutrality 1920 1080 altavia

Altavia Baltics compensates for so-called “corporate” emissions: internal / administrative / related to its daily operations. In 2021, the first Ecovadis assessment and certification was realized, and this was the logical next step to continue the CSR development path. As part of a global group, we see the importance of not forgetting our footprint in the world and of being a company focused on sustainability, so that future generations also have a place to live and work.

A company’s Carbon Footprint, or Greenhouse gas emissions, or CO2 impact is the total calculated amount of greenhouse gas emissions that a company produces during the production of a product or service.

To calculate ALTAVIA BALTICS’ CO2 footprint, we used the ALTAVIA Group’s in-house Carbon Footprint Calculator. And to offset our footprint on the world, we used the possibilities offered by CO2 logic.

Altavia Baltics’ choice to offset C02 is the INDIA WIND PROJECT, which is building wind turbines to stop the destructive large-scale use of fossil fuels. This project not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also improves the lives of local people. In one year, 30 wind turbines can be built, saving the planet 53 000 CO2, producing 54 000 MWH and providing 50 000 households with green energy.
We are committed to continuing this path and finding new ways to be part of a sustainable world.